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Tourdriver and guide on Bali. (Father and son)

Welcome to our website.Thank you very much you visit our website.I am Komang, your host, driver and guide on Bali. Everyday at your service.My  son, Tude, is also driver and Guide. We show you the most remote and hidden places in Bali which you would have never found on your own. We will be your local guide in Bali and will show you the most spectacular and the fascinating aspects of my island.You can call or email us for a daytrip or a few daytrips. Everything is possible. We try to make your stay in Bali for the best memories. Your satisfaction is our pride. Your smile is our happines! Look at our trips and choose what you want! Than we can make a daytrip for you.


Please contact us, email, phone or Whatsapp:


Komang: +6281237461707


Email: tourbakti@gmail.com

Tude: +62 812-4660-0258

Beautifull Bali: Some information.
Welcome to Bali, Selamat Datang di Bali!
Komang Sutapa and Tude Saskara
The Lotus Flower grows in the deep mud, far away from the sun. But, sooner or later, the Lotus reaches the light becoming the most beautiful flower ever.

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Marlon Bakker | Antwoord 08.06.2019 17.23


Thank you and sorry🙏

Komang & tude 09.06.2019 01.27

Thanks so much bro Marlon Banker,
I waiting your recommend
See you next time
Gr.komang & tude

Robbie en Sanne | Antwoord 25.04.2019 16.13

De beste gids die je maar kan hebben! Komang heeft ons zoveel mooie plekjes in Bali laten zien! Super aardig en geduldig! Door hem een topvakantie gehad!

Komang 25.05.2019 00.22

Robbie & Sanne
Thanks so much for your review.hopely can meet you again.thanks my friend.

John en Bea Massen | Antwoord 23.03.2019 01.15

Geweldige chauffeur. Weet de mooiste plekken en is ook een goede reisleider op de locaties. We hebben al diverse plaatsen bezocht met hem. Nummer 1

Komang & tude 23.03.2019 10.40

Thansk so much Mr.John & Bea Maseen
We are very can meet and serve you.hopely you can help me to recommend us in bali.
Gr.komang & tude

Florus dirk Koper Van visrestaurant de Meerpaal in | Antwoord 22.03.2019 13.27

Als je op Bali bent, dan is Komang de gids die je al het moois laat zien wat het prachtige eiland te bieden heeft. Wij zijn nog nooit teleurgesteld !!!

Komang 22.03.2019 13.46

Dear Mr.Florus and wife
Thanks so much for your trust to serve you during in Bali. I will waiting you always and thanks for your recommendation.

Christine S. | Antwoord 07.11.2018 09.20


Thank you very much Komang !
It’s was really nice to me you.
I have a wonderful time in Bali.
It’s was funny, I learn something new from life and this will I bring back in myself and share with other people 😌
I’m really gr

Komang 03.12.2018 00.17

Dear Christine
Thanks so much.i'm very happy can serve you during in bali.hopely can meet you again.


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20.06 | 21:45

Hello miss Rita,

I am an englisch speaking Guide. send me An email so i can send you the proces of my trips. tapakomang@gmail.com
Thank you so much!

20.06 | 11:12

What is your price to drive/guide 6 persons for 3 fully days (14,15,16/4/2020)
to explore the neighbouhood of Sidemen/Ubud. Do you speak English or Dutch

09.06 | 01:27

Thanks so much bro Marlon Banker,
I waiting your recommend
See you next time
Gr.komang & tude

08.06 | 17:23


Thank you and sorry🙏

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