Welcome in Bali. I am your touristdriver and guide!

Komang Sutapa, every day at your service. I Always try to make your stay in Bali unforgettable. I have a lot of experience to guide tourists. I was born on Bali and I can tell you a lot of the culture. I hope to see you soon on my beautifull island. Welcome to Bali :selamat datang di bali

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alina tervoort | Antwoord 24.11.2016 18.36

Hello Komang, we Thank you for the very nice holiday. You are a very nice man and guide, you are ower friend for ever. Thanks and regards Hans and family.

komang 25.11.2016 02.49

Dear Hans and family,thanks for your trust me to serve you during in Bali . I'm very proud of it.i wil waiting you in bali and your recommendation also.thanks

Alina and Hans | Antwoord 23.11.2016 13.56

Hello Komang, Rick and Rianne want's to eat at 18:00 hour tomorrow. At Skygarden at Kuta.

Alina and Hans | Antwoord 23.11.2016 12.52

What is the best time for tomorrow? Let u's now than we are ready. Regards.

komang 23.11.2016 13.29

Dear Hans & Alina
Thanks for your email.maybe is good time on 10 o'clock
See you tomorrow
Best regards komang

Alina en Hans. | Antwoord 23.11.2016 12.21

Hello Komang, how are you? We are fine. Tomorrow if it's possible to Tanah lot, the dance with fire you talk about and maybe you now some ather nice things.

Alina Tervoort | Antwoord 20.11.2016 18.40

Hello Komang, maybe we want to go Lovina at the 2 day trip Tuesday and Wednesday. We let you now. Greetings Hans, Alina, Rick and Rianne.

komang 20.11.2016 18.47

Dear Hans,Alina,Rick and Rianne
Thank you so much. See you on Tuesday
Best regards Komang

danny und stefan | Antwoord 12.10.2013 13.56

the smiling buddah and daniela say´s thank you komang.. greets to your family..

Komang 12.10.2013 15.57

Thank You for the smiling Budha and Daniela.best regards also for Your familys

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15.10 | 03:29

We had a fantastic day with Tuda (son). He showt us very much in 1 day. He also showt us some extra even though we didnt ask for it. :)

Big thanks!

Gr. Ruben

06.10 | 11:07

Dear Ms.Rowie & Mr.Niels
Thanks for your trust to serve you during in Bali.thanks too for your recommend,i have job for tomorrow.thanks
Best regards komang

02.10 | 05:09

We have a three day trip. It was great!! He has given us everything explained and we have enjoyed. He is the best guide of Bali

20.08 | 17:56

I miss Nyepi day in your calendar of events.

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